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Saving money for your business couldn’t be simpler. In most cases we can get started with just a copy of your latest bill. Complete the form below with your details and we’ll be in touch within a day.

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Cut my Water Bills
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Arrange a New
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Business Energy

Energy costs can be your largest expenditure after staffing, estates, stock and transportation. A small saving per unit can equate to thousands of pounds saved over the length of the contract.

Getting a business energy quote can be time consuming and frustrating. Suppliers have different rules, regulations and criteria that can leave you tearing your hair out and you may not be quoted the cheapest rate. Our expertise helps you navigate the options and select the best contract for your business. We also leverage our buying power to access prices that may not be available to consumers.

All we need to get started is a small amount of information from your bill which can be obtained over a short phone call. Once we have these details the real magic happens and in most cases we can get back to you on the same day with a full comparison of prices from the UK’s leading energy suppliers.

Once you have your quotes our expertise really kicks in. We’ll consider over 10 factors in addition to the price to advise you on which option best meets your business’ needs.

We don’t stop there; we make sure that your contract goes live without any hitches and for the duration of the contract we’re there to support you. All you need to do is pick up the phone or jot down an email and we’ll be on the case.

Our passion (and geekiness) for staying abreast of market developments means that when it is time for your contract to renew, we can secure preferential rates to make sure you get the best deal time and time again.

New Energy Connections

Whether you’re renovating a property or building one from scratch it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of your new venture and overlook the need for a suitable electricity or gas supply. There’s nothing worse than getting to your long-awaited launch day to discover you can’t turn on the lights or power your machinery.

New connections can be large and complex projects involving multiple agencies and throw up all manner of acronyms for you to contend with. Take the stress out of arranging your new connection and talk to us about how we can manage the process from quote through to installation so that you can focus your energy on your grand opening.

Business Water

Since the de-regulation of the water market in April 2017, UK businesses (excluding Wales) have had the power to choose who supplies water and drainage services to their properties. It’s an exciting time with average savings of up to 3% of your annual bill in England and 14% in Scotland*

We work with the major water retailers in the UK to obtain the most competitive quotes. We’ll then present you with the best options and manage the process through to completion.

We’ll make sure that when your water contract is due for renewal, we’re one step ahead of the game and have the best deals ready, each and every time.

*Water saving averages from England and Scotland based on 640 quotations from April to September 2017

Who we work with

Our relationships with the UK’s leading energy suppliers and water retailers gives us the power to secure your business the best deal. A cheaper price is important, but we also consider more than 10 additional factors before making our recommendation so that you have the power to make an informed choice.