Why Choose Rypro Energy As Your Energy Broker?

Let’s face it, there are thousands of energy brokers, consultants and the like working in the UK. You’re spoiled for choice. In fact, you’ve probably had at least one call from a broker offering to save you money on your bills this week alone. So why choose us? What makes us stand out from the crowd?

We’re passionate

We live and breathe energy. We get a real buzz from saving your business money and combine the expertise we’ve built from over a decade in the industry with our curiosity for the latest developments across the globe so we stay ahead of the curve.

We’re honest

An Energy Broker doesn’t come for free. After all we need to feed the office dog! We don’t hide that we earn a commission. If you spent the time trawling the internet and spending hours talking to different suppliers you could possibly find yourself a marginally cheaper price, but you have better things to be doing, like running your business.

We’re independent

We don’t have a task-master driving us to hit quotas and targets in the background. We work completely independently so when we make a recommendation, it isn’t because we have an affiliation with a supplier, it’s because their product and services best meet the needs of your business.

We’re lean

We deliberately shun having shiny new offices and fancy all-singing and dancing energy management technology so we can keep our costs down. We don’t have indulgent expenses so we can pass on these savings to you. That means cheaper rates all around.

We care

Supporting the local community sits close to our hearts and we believe that businesses should give something back. That’s why when you benefit from cheaper energy prices through us we’ll donate to a local charity so that they can continue to provide their services where they are most needed.

Meet the Team

Ryan Protheroe Energy Broker

Ryan Protheroe

Ryan has over a decade’s experience within the energy industry having held senior positions at British Gas and the UK’s leading sales solutions business; Online Direct. Ryan also formed part of the executive team at a regional children’s charity, an experience that helped shape the values of Rypro Energy.

Recognised by Prime Minister Gordon Brown for leading a transformational continuous improvement programme in the Tribunals Service, Ryan has a passion for developing services that place the customer at the heart of the operation. In his spare time Ryan has a keen interest in football, bodybuilding and looking at photos of derelict buildings.



With two years’ experience of sniffing, sleeping and searching for treats, Ozzy the Office Dog adds a little flair to the business. Whilst he may not know much about energy, Ozzy leads the well-being department and ensures that everyone at Rypro Energy has a healthy work-life-dog balance. In his spare time Ozzy has a keen interest in walks, stealing socks and watching Emmerdale.